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◾Medium Writer, ◾ Blogger, and a YouTuber. 9 Million reads on Quora & over a Million reads on Medium. Open for writing gigs & sponsorship. Twitter: @_aamirkamal

Engineer, writer, and my story of struggle.

Aamir Kamal (The Author)

I am an Engineer and a Blogger. I started writing from my blog back in 2017, it was a free BlogSpot blog, I did this because I don’t have any money to support buy a domain and hosting. …

I got over a Million read on Vocal Media and made over $6,000. Here is my story and some lessons.

Showing my Vocal stats
Showing my Vocal stats / Screenshot taken by the author

You might have seen that Ad from Vocal, “Join Vocal and make $6,000 a month,” while it will take me over a year to get to the $6,000 mark or one million reads. First, we all should be grateful for whatever we have. …

Do you have to pay Medium in order to post on it and make money? Understanding the difference between Medium Partner Program and Medium membership.

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There is a lot of confusion for the newcomers who want to write and make money on Medium about making money, reading stories on Medium, and understanding the process. I know Medium is a revolutionary platform that lets people make more money. …

The power of writing and SEO.

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I love search engine optimization. It is so powerful. It could do wounder for you. I have a YouTube channel that I have made for uploading content that could help me getting organic views. There are two types of SEO; Google SEO and Video SEO.

We talked a lot about…

This is the question I asked myself for many years, but I was all wrong about niches.

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I was wrong about this the whole time. Blogging is a bit confused, and this is because there is too much content about this. …

Elon Musk has two principles for learning anything faster.

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When I was in Engineering college, the one software I had time to understand is Arena. It is a simulation software used in simulating Manufacturing processes from start to finish. The software is hard to learn especially when the software didn’t work on my laptop and I had few hours…

Here is how you can find yourself a sponsor as a writer or a blogger — sharing my experience.

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If you want me to let you the secret sauce that lets writers make the most money, brand sponsorship. No, you don’t need to be an influencer or someone who has great writing skills or has a big email list; although it could be a great deal for a company…

Sharing my personal experience with running a Google AdSense monetized blog.

The Screenshot showing my Google AdSense earnings
The Screenshot showing my Google AdSense earnings / Screenshot by the Author

First thing first, ‘did I ever achieved making $50 to $100 a day from Google AdSense?’ Yes, not just once but often and consistently making $80 to $95 a day for more than a month. I never thought this would be possible, but I achieved this by putting in more…

A guide for Substack writers to optimize their posts for search engines.

My Google search console report of my Newsletter
My Google search console report of my Newsletter / Screenshot taken by Me (the author)

When I started my blogger blog, it has a sub-domain. I read almost every review about ranking my Blogspot blog in Google but almost all of them were pessimistic about it. …

Writing on Medium is very underrated, especially for businesses.

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A free writing platform. A platform where you can publish stories in under a minute. A platform that gives you everything you need to write and attract more audience. It is a whole package in everything to help you build a successful business out of your writing on Medium.


Aamir Kamal 🚀🚀🚀

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