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Aamir Kamal — The Author
Aamir Kamal — The Author

I am an Engineer and a Blogger. I started writing from my blog in 2017; it was a free blog; I did this because I didn’t have any money to support buying a domain and hosting. As I entered college, I got the opportunity to get free Internet access and a Laptop.

YouTube was the platform where I learned about things. I have had this producer mindset from the very beginning. To be successful on the Internet, you have to produce. There are two types of people on the Internet; the producer and the consumer. I was always a producer, and this helped me get some success on the Internet.

I am grateful, that Medium exists.

Medium is a great platform. It is free, allows you to make money, can read great articles, reach thousands of people, and build a community.

Some Random facts about me;

  • I am learning German. Disclosure: It isn’t that hard.
  • I love solo traveling. Currently just restricted to my country.
  • Medium is one of the platforms that I love. Of course, I make more money on other platforms, but I don’t know why first love is unforgettable.
  • I love to create content. I was creating content when I was in college, when I was jobless and when I had a job.

What Topics do I write about here on Medium?

I have been writing about different topics for years, but in the last two years, I have been writing about OnlyFans, Fansly, and other adult subscription platforms.

I have decided to write about the creator economy and how adult creators and the evolution of the subscription business are doing wonders for adult creators.

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