Affiliate Marketing On Medium: How To Start?

How to add amazon affiliate links to your Medium stories? A subtle guide.

Aamir Kamal 🚀
5 min readAug 25, 2020

I have been asked multiple times that “Is Affiliate marketing is allowed on Medium?” or “Can I put Amazon affiliate links in my Medium article?” all these questions need serious intention as one mistake and you might lose all your work on Medium and will make your Medium account suspended. In this article, we are going to discuss doing affiliate marketing on Medium the safe way.

Most of the writers think that you can just make money writing through the Medium Partner Program but in reality, you can also make money through Affiliate marketing on Medium.

On any site, before you started writing, read their rules. In this case, you should read Medium rules.

You must disclose affiliate links or payment for a post. Affiliate links, such as link out to Amazon with your code, or any other link out where you will receive a commission or other value, are allowed in posts. But, you must disclose somewhere in the post that it includes affiliate links. If you have received payment, goods or services, or something else of value in exchange for writing a post, you must still disclose this fact in writing within your post. (Taken from this Source.)