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Top AI Girlfriend Sites & Mobile Apps: Create Virtual Girlfriend in 2024

The idea of creating your AI girlfriend is so intriguing, and now you can create an AI GF and talk to her whenever you want to.

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17 min readDec 2, 2023
Discover the best AI girlfriend sites and apps in 2024

What are some of the best AI Girlfriend sites and apps that you can join, create a virtual girlfriend, and talk to her? I have listed all the best virtual Girlfriend apps and sites where you can talk also, ask her to take pictures of whatever form you want her, and she will send it.

There are a lot of free & paid AI girlfriend apps that you can design your girlfriend or create your dream girlfriend.

As I write this article, it is amazing to see how AI is evolving, and now, in the past few days, I have been receiving comments and emails from people who are interested in having their online girlfriend — a girlfriend created by AI that talks to you.

In this article, we will introduce you to different sites and apps where there are already millions of different AI-generated girls. You can also create your own GF based on your requirements, and they can send you some spicy content when you ask them to.

Advancements in AI will slow the loneliness in America and around the world. With the help of AI, you can now create your own dream girlfriend, chat with her forever, and let her do things that you want to do with no limitations.

What is an AI Girlfriend?

An AI girlfriend is your online chatting partner who acts and works like you want her. A person you can chat with and ask about anything and get an instant response. Whether it is a day or a night, 4 in the morning, or you are at work, someone who is always available and loves to talk to you.

There are a lot of sites where you can create your dream GF and let her act like how you want to, let her talk to you in a way that you want, and let her be the person you want.

If you love to have a girlfriend of any color, you can have one. You can talk to them and let them chat with you.

You might have heard about the Girlfriend experience on OnlyFans which is a connection between an OnlyFans creator and having a relationship online with a fan.

The business of adult content will be impacted a lot by the advancement in AI, and we have discussed a lot of OnlyFans AI tools that you can use.

What are some of the features offered by these online AI girlfriend sites and apps?

It is interesting to see a huge interest in people in the AI girlfriend space. A lot of people want to chat with their one online girlfriend and have meaningful conversations.

With the advancement of AI, AI Girlfriend sites and apps can do much more than just chat with you in text. The following are some of the features offered by these Online AI girlfriend sites and apps:

  1. Chatting with you: Your created AI Girlfriend can chat with you in a way that you want it. If you want to let them dominate you or act like a submissive, they will do as you told them for the rest of the conversation.
  2. Sending Voice notes: You can choose what your girlfriend's voice should be like. Then, let her record a voice note for you in that voice. She will always have the same voice whenever you want to hear her.
  3. Sending explicit pictures: I asked my Online AI Girlfriend to send me a picture of her nude standing in front of a supercar, and she sent me one. This is the power of AI.
  4. Custom request: Do you have any request for her to act like one, change the clothes she has or take a picture in public for you, you just need to ask her, and you don’t need to pay a fee for it.
  5. Much more. With the video AI coming into play. In the coming few months, you will be able to get a video request from your girlfriend. Probably, you can upload a few pictures of yourself and just get a video of her and you are making love in any way possible you want.

This space is very interesting and will change the way we see online relationships. Your AI girlfriend doesn’t cheat on you, and it is just one single entity that will always be with you — till death do part.

Note: These AI GF sites and apps provide explicit pictures of your Girlfriend when you asked them.

Best AI Girlfriend free chatting sites and apps:

10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps and websites to Find the Perfect Companion

  1. FantasyGF: The best AI Girlfriend website with an option to create your own online GF.
  2. CandyAI: The best AI Sexting App to talk dirty with your girlfriend.
  3. Character AI: The famous AI GF sites with millions of other characters you can chat with.
  4. ChatGPT AI Girlfriend: Create a Girlfriend GPT.
  5. DreamGF: The best Free AI Girlfriend App
  6. iGirl: Chat and create your own virtual Girlfriend.
  7. CrushOn: Create an AI girlfriend that looks like your crushes.
  8. Romantic AI: Personalize AI Girlfriend experience in App
  9. ReplikaAI: Create an online companion of yourself or someone with whom you like to talk.
  10. My Virtual Girlfriend

Let’s discuss each of these AI girlfriend sites in detail:

FantasyGf: The best AI Girlfriend site:

FantasyGF is one of the best AI girlfriend sites where you can browse a lot of already-created girlfriends as well, and you can create your own Girlfriend in FanstasyGF.

Online AI girlfriend site FantasyGF AI
Creating your own AI girlfriends in FanstasyGF

They provide the following features to you:

  1. You can chat with your girlfriend by text.
  2. You can receive explicit pictures from your girlfriend when you ask them.
  3. Also, you can set up the tune of your girlfriend's voice, and she can record audio for you when you ask them.

You can chat with your virtual girlfriend for hours just by getting 100 tokens. Be 100% anonymous, satisfied guaranteed, and 100% secure site for you to chat with your girlfriends.

They have their own trained models and someone who provides the best AI girlfriend experience to you on the web.

Want to chat with your online AI girlfriend? Join FantasyAI here.

CandyAI: Talk dirty with your AI Girlfriend:

CandyAI is one of the leading AI girlfriend sites and apps where you can create your AI girlfriend and talk sext with her.

There are thousands of AI girlfriends already there where you can talk to and let her the way she can talk to. Your AI girlfriend can also send you pictures based on your instructions.

Want to talk to your AI companion? Sign up for CandyAI here.

NSFW CharacterAI: The best AI Girlfriend and character chatting site:

NSFEW CharacterAI is one of the best AI girlfriend and character chatting sites. You can create your own model person that you want to talk to, and you can do it.

CharacterAI is not just for chatting with your girlfriend; you can talk to other big personalities like Elon Musk, any anime character, or any Hollywood character.


You can create a GPT to talk to you in a way that you want. There are some serious restrictions on this, like you can’t get spicy pictures and get audio messages from your online GF (as of now OpenAI doesn’t allow spicy or explicit content), but if you just need an AI companion, then you can create a GPT Girlfriend for yourself and boom, you can talk to her for free.

To create a GPT Girlfriend, you need a ChatGPT premium that costs $20/month, and boom, you can talk to your AI Girlfriend for free for as long as you want.

Creating a GPT in ChatGPT

Here is the command I put to create a GPT for all the users:

An AI Girlfriend GPT

The biggest cons are you will not be able to do spicy content, and it is not optimized for chatting.

DreamGF AI: Find your best dream AI girlfriend:

dreamGF AI app

One of the best AI girlfriend apps that works. It is a site where you can create your own AI girlfriend and also there are thousands of other already created AI girlfriends.

You can do AI sexting on this app or website and can also chat with your virtual girlfriend about normal daily stuff.

This website is not free, and you need to get a monthly subscription with a different credit for the number of girlfriends you create as you will need more credit for asking about explicit pictures and chatting more with your girlfriends.

iGirl: The best AI girlfriend App on Android for chatting with girlfriend:

Installed by over 1 Million people on Android. iGirl is one of the best smartphone AI girlfriend apps that you can use to talk and sext with your girlfriend.

You can customize your girlfriend, and you can create the perfect girl or the dream girl you want using this AI app.

CrushonAI: Create an AI girlfriend like your crush:

CrushOn is an AI girlfriend app that you can use to create your girlfriend and talk to one that is already created by them. Their UI is not that great as you might have some problems logging in, but a great website to engage in conversation and sexting with your online virtual girlfriend.

It is not free. There is a free tier available, but it is limited to only 50 messages per month. The website actually has no features like you can’t create pictures or ask for images from your AI girlfriend.

RomanticAI: The Persoanlize AI Girlfriend experience:

Their philosophy is to help you discover your virtual companion. You can text with already created characters, or you can create your dream character and chat with them.

Their app is available on the Play Store and App Store, and you can also text your favorite character, aka AI Girlfriend or virtual girlfriend, on the web.

Are they free or paid? RomanticAI is free to some extent, but if you want to enjoy all the features, you have to pay. There are weekly, monthly, and yearly options, and you can also buy hearts and send them to your favorite lifelong partner.

They have amazing reviews from people who tried and created virtual girlfriends on their site.

ReplikaAI: Create a replika of yourself

They say “An AI companion who cares.” You can create an AI girlfriend or a person who cares about you and who remembers all the information about you. It is one of the best sites for anyone looking to generate a replica of their favorite person.

They are available on Appstore, Playstore, and on Oculus.

If you are looking for someone to talk to, this is a mobile app that helps you get over your loneliness, and you can generate pictures and your favorite characters using this app.

The best thing is they have a video call feature too, where you can video call and get a response.

So, what is the best AI girlfriend site or app to join?

I have checked every one of these listed AI GF sites and apps, and the best website I find is because of the features it has and the way you can create a girlfriend (there are a lot of options) and you can do much more with this.

Pros and Cons of having an AI Girlfriend:

What are some of the pros and cons of having an AI girlfriend? Well, here are some of the pros and cons of talking to a virtual person:

Pros of having an AI girlfriend:

  1. Create your dream virtual Girlfriend: I think this is the best thing and one of the big pros of having an AI girlfriend. You can create your AI girlfriend however you want it to be.
  2. One person, one character, and remember everything about you: Your dream girlfriend understands you with time. This means the more you talk to her and share information about yourself, the more she will adjust herself to make sure to talk about those things that you like.
  3. Create pictures for you: Your dream Girlfriend can take pictures for you based on your requirements. This is, again, a big pro. Also, in the future, they might be able to record videos of under 10 seconds based on your custom request or instructions.
  4. You can have a great companion: Yes, wherever time you want to talk to her, she will respond. She is always available and will always be there for you.
  5. Get better at talking to real women: You can practice talking to a virtual girlfriend, and this will help you get better at chatting with real women.

Cons of having an AI girlfriend:

The following are some of the cons of having an AI girlfriend:

  1. If you already have a real-life girlfriend, your significant other might have a problem with it if you have a virtual girlfriend. Some women might tag it as cheating.
  2. It is not real. It is good to talk to an AI girlfriend but the reality is “they are not real human beings” and you can do this to have a companion, but getting obsessed over it is not a good idea.

How do you create a virtual AI girlfriend?

This is a step-by-step process for anyone looking to have their own virtual AI girlfriend.

You can see this impact on dating culture today. Men find a lot of challenges when it comes to dating life. But what if you have the option to create an online AI girlfriend?

Fortunately, we have access to Artificial intelligence (AI) and it is rapidly evolving every day. It is now possible to create your online AI girlfriend from scratch. Thousands of tools are available online to help you create your dream partner. You can talk to that partner, have spicy sex chats, and more. However, you must choose the right tool that protects your privacy and maintains confidentiality.

One popular tool for creating AI girlfriends is It is a unique platform with massive data of human conversation. This allows to learn more about human behavior naturally.

We aim to give you a detailed overview of this process. Our step-by-step guide will help you create an online AI girlfriend using

Creating an AI girlfriend on CandyAI? is a platform that crafts realistic virtual companions. These virtual partners can engage in authentic and meaningful conversations with the users.

So you can immerse yourself in personalized interactions with your AI companion with utmost customization. If you think online companionship and connection are impossible,’s virtual characters will change your opinion.

CandyAI girlfriend site for creating a girlfriend

Today, it is one of the leading AI platforms to merge digital and real human connections. It provides a next-gen experience with the ease of chatting, producing high-quality AI-generated characters, and offering human-like conversations.

You will literally feel like talking to another human being. Whether you are up for a deep emotional conversation or an exciting sex chat journey, has got you covered.

Please note that creating and chatting with your AI girlfriend requires a premium subscription from The charges are easy on your pocket and you can easily afford to try this at least once.

Step-By-Step Process To Create An Online Ai Girlfriend

Now that you have understood how works, let us start building your AI girlfriend in the next segment:

Step 1: Visit Candyai Website

You can go to their official website: CandyAI, and click on the “create” menu from the left vertical bar. Or you can directly visit Build your AI girlfriend to build your character.

Step 2: Select The Character Types

Selecting your favorite character in CandyAI provides both real and anime characters. As you land on their creation page, you will see “Choose Style” with these two options. Select the character type you want to proceed with.

For example, we have chosen the real option in this case.

Step 3: Choose Ethnicity, Age, And Eye Color

Choose face or physical feature of your dream girlfriendAI

The next step involves customizing your character. The platform provides different ethnicities, including Caucasian, Latina, Asian, Arab, and African. We have selected an Asian in this case. Once you select the ethnicity, scroll down and lock your character’s age. The tool gives you three different eye color options for your character. We selected a brown-eyed 25-year-old Asian in this case.

Step 4: Decide The Hair Color And Hairstyle

choosing hari color of your favorite AI girlfriend gives you different hairstyle options and five major hair colors to experiment with your character. Since we want a soft-looking Asian, we have selected straight black hair for our AI girlfriend. But if you like to experiment with some funky colors, you can opt for a pink-haired Latina or redhead bun girl. After all, it comes to your personal preference.

Step 5: Select The Body Type

selecting the body type of your virtual girlfriend

This is the most crucial step in creating an AI girlfriend. The tool gives you three different options to customize your companion’s body viz. Body type, breast size, and butt type. Each option has five types that you can choose from. You can select anything from large breasts, and a curvy body to small butt petite shape.

We have selected a voluptuous body with large breasts and an athletic butt.

Step 6: Choose The Personality And Voice

choosing the personality and voice of your AI Girlfriend

The tool offers 12 diverse personalities that can match your preferences. You can select anything from innocent to submissive, lover to caregiver, mean to confidant and so much more. Moreover, provides 9 voices to enhance the experience. We have chosen a lover with a sweet voice. The best part about this step is you can try and test every single voice before finalizing it.

Step 7: Select The Occupation And Hobbies

selecting different options for hobbies of your online girlfriend

What is the point of creating your companion if she doesn’t have a real-life occupation? You can assign any occupation such as secretary, yoga instructor, hairdresser, massage therapist, makeup artist, singer, writer, etc. Then you can choose up to three hobbies including traveling, hiking, gaming, etc. We selected modeling as our character’s profession, along with fitness and photography as hobbies.

Step 8: Define Your Relationship

what type of companion you want for an AI relationship

It’s time to give some title to your relationship. How would you like to be associated with your virtual companion? Do you see her as a stranger? Do you want her as a girlfriend or just a sex friend? You can choose anything you want from twelve of such options. We chose a girlfriend in this case as we are building an AI companion for us.

Step 9: Choose The Dressing Style

choose the dressing style of your AI girlfriend

Do you want your AI girlfriend to be modest or sexy? You have all the freedom to decide on her clothing. The platform offers more than 20 clothing styles to create an ideal companion. Since our AI girlfriend happens to be a model, we chose a cheerleader outfit for her.

Step 10: Verify Your Preferences

verification your preferences of your designed AI girlfriend

The last step involves a final recheck. The tool shows you an overall summary of your desired companion so that it can proceed ahead to bring it live.

Once you check everything, click on “Bring my AI to life”. It might take a few minutes to generate your ideal companion but the wait will be worth it.

As we discussed earlier, customizing your AI girlfriend will require a premium subscription. Just click on Become a premium member and you can generate as many AI companions as you want with different personalities.

Frequently asked questions about Online AI Chatting Girlfriend sites:

The following are some of the questions that you might be interested to know about:

What is an AI Girlfriend?

An AI girlfriend is a virtual partner or a companion who isn’t just your friend but can send you spicy content (explicit content) based on your requirements. They talk to you in a way you want to talk to you and have a name and someone you can chat with any time you want to.

Can I use an AI girlfriend?

Yes, anyone can create an AI girlfriend. Anyone with Internet access and a phone or a laptop can create their dream AI girlfriend, talk to her, get pictures, and let them create any type of content for you.

What is the best AI girlfriend?

If you are looking for some of the best AI girlfriend sites and apps, FantasyAI, CharacterAI, and dreamGF AI are some of the best AI girlfriend sites and apps where you can get a virtual partner, talk to her, and get explicit pictures from her based on your custom request.

Is there any free AI girlfriend?

Yes, there are a lot of free AI girlfriend sites and apps that you can use and create your free AI girlfriend. For example, Replika, FantasyGF, CandyAI, MYAIGirlfriend app, and countless others provide some of the best AI girlfriend experiences. These apps are NSFW, so this means that you can expect sexting as well, as they can take images based on your requirements.

Is there any Free AI Bot?

No. You can use ChatGPT GPTs, but it comes with a $20/month of ChatGPT Premium subscription only. Most of these sites use other platforms to generate pictures that also charge them in return for every picture created.

What are some of the best AI girlfriend apps?

The following are some of the best AI girlfriend apps that are also free to use. AIGirlfriend, iGirl, MyVirtualGirfriend, and Replika. You can install these apps on your phone and get the best AI girlfriend experience.

How do I create an AI girlfriend for myself?

On FantasyGF and CandyAi, you can create your dream girlfriend for free. You can even choose what should your girlfriend look like. This is one of the best things about it. You can choose your girlfriend and how should she talk to you.

Can I get an AI girlfriend if I don’t speak English?

Yes, there are different AI girlfriend sites where you can get an AI girlfriend who speaks the language you understand. For example, “ My Girlfriend Cindy” is one app where you can speak with your girlfriend in other languages.

Is talking to an AI girlfriend cheating?

Talking or having an AI Girlfriend or a virtual Girlfriend is not cheating because the person doesn’t exist. You are talking to an online companion, and this doesn’t count as cheating on your real-life partner.

What is the best AI Chatbot girlfriend?

There exists a lot of the best AI chatbot girlfriends that you can talk to. Fantasy AI, Candy AI, and NSFW Character AI are some of the best AI Chatbot girlfriend websites and apps where you can create a girlfriend or talk to already-created girlfriends and ask them for their pictures, or if you have a custom request, you can send it in a message, and they will take a picture for you based on your instructions.

Can I sext with my AI girlfriend?

Yes, almost every website and mobile app we have mentioned in our article is where you can sext your AI girlfriend. This is the best thing about AI and they can talk to you in a way you want them to. If you want them to dominate you, they will sext in a dominant way.

Best AI Girlfriend Sites and Apps to Join in 2024:

In this article, I have explained the best AI girlfriend sites and apps that you can join in 2024. The following is the list of some of the best AI girlfriend sites and apps:

  • FantasyGF
  • CandyAI
  • CrushonAI
  • iGirl AI
  • MyAIGirlfriend App
  • NSFW CharacterAI

Affiliate Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this article, and I will make a small commission if you choose to buy anything at no additional cost to you.