Can You Make Money On Vocal If You Are Indian Or Pakistani? or From Countries Where Stripe Isn't Available?

I have been asked this question multiple times, so let me answer it for you.

Aamir Kamal ๐Ÿš€
3 min readMar 9, 2022
Photo by Shane on Unsplash

Stripe is a revolutionary Fintech company that introduced a new Genre in online payments. You can create a subscription-based startup or start a company where people come to your site, make a Stripe connect account and get paid. Stripe is managing everything. How easy it is. You can have examples from Medium and Vocal Media.

I have been writing on Vocal for over two years, and in these two years, I have learned a lot of writing lessons and tried to understand the platform and the SEO factor.

First thing first, it is hard to make money on Vocal?

My friend wanted to write and make money under the Medium partner program, but he didn't get accepted into the Medium partner program. He was so sad because he thought Medium is free money, and by just publishing your first story, you make $10k; that is a false dream, my friend. I told him it is tough to make money, and a very small proportion of people end up making $100.

Vocal isn't free money, and especially Vocal has dot Media extension, which isn't good forโ€ฆ