#DigitalPakistan: How To Be The Part Of PM Imran Digital Pakistan Initiative

Aamir Kamal 🚀
3 min readDec 8, 2019

Pakistani Government under Imran Khan launched a program to digitalize the Pakistan economy, for this purpose they have hired Tania Aidrus to lead the team. This program is tag under #DigitalPakistan. Pakistanis diaspora in the Western Countries want to do something for their country but unfortunately, they never get the opportunity to contribute.

Tania Andrus was working in Google Singapore branch, she was responsible for the “Billion of people” initiative by Google.

Here how you can contribute to the #digitalPakistan Project.

Learn a Digital Skill

Skill is the new currency, if you are great at digital skills, you are a small part of the big picture. You are bringing more “$$$” to the government banks and this will help Pakistan to increase its “Dollar Reserves” Pakistani Freelancers made more than $2 Billion in 2018. This is a huge amount of money. Learn the basics to Advance the form of that skill. Get up to 10,000 experience hours in that skill.

Start looking at the big picture

Just setting in your home and making thousands of dollars shouldn’t be your goal because you have to contribute and pay to society as well. Now, if let say you are a blogger, don’t just write, instead, teach people, give jobs to Pakistani writers. And, start writing great articles to solve problems. This is one of the best ways to be more productive and can bring more ad-dollars in Pakistan. You can read here: How to start blogging in Pakistan?

Don’t stop looking

You were always a Flowers growing in darkness before the Internet, Imran Khan Government is now the “Little light you need to grow more”

Don’t stop looking. Always searching for new opportunities. The Internet is one of the best resources to learn about new things. Always be the light, not the storm.

Quora and Medium were not that famous and search optimize years ago, Quora and Medium didn’t pay you for the content. Medium pays you for sharing your stories while Quora pay you for asking Question. In the future, there will more companies evolve who will pay users for their content.

E-governance is the best form of government, the chances of corruption are reduced to the minimum when it comes to decision made through Computers. In the United States, most of the government processes occur through Electronic systems, this has some advantages such as;

  1. Quick services
  2. Easily accessible
  3. Corruption free
  4. Transparent
  5. Quick decision making

#DigitalPakistan Initiative

  • Access and Connectivity: To Ensure that every Pakistani access to the Internet. The Internet is the most important thing after human basic needs such as “Roti, Kafra, our Maqam”
  • Digital Infrastructure that creates the ability to undertake daily tasks using smartphones in a secure and faster manner
  • E-government that digitizes intra-government operations and processes towards a paperless and efficient environment, and also digitizes government services for citizens and businesses for better delivery
  • Digital Skills and Literacy enables tech graduates to secure relevant jobs in Pakistan or outside Pakistan.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship to provide an enabling environment for startups to flourish

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