How to approach girls like a pro in Public Places

Aamir Kamal 🚀
3 min readOct 7, 2019

Approaching stranger girls is one of the difficult thing a man can do. I, as a boy approach a girl in the college and countless Places in then public.

I asked a question from one of my friends who is sort of dating coach, what makes you standout while approaching hot girls?

His reply was that “He just think of hot beautiful girls as girls” I know approaching hot girls in public places is way difficult, but the key is this

If you consider that you don’t deserve this girl then in reality “You don’t”

The very first thing you have to do is not telling yourself this shit. It is a huge problem on your end.

You deserve every girl

You deserve every girl you have crush on, it is up to your crush that she accept you or not. You have the right to approach her and tell her your feeling.

First, work on yourself building great mindset.

When you confident enough to don’t fall into the trap of “Out of the league” status then you could develop a possibility.

It feels great when you express your feeling. It is your right to say whatever you want but keeping the ethic point of view.

You may be rejected in public

So what? Do you want to make a list of all the girls you have crush on? No. You have to live a fucking life, full of adventures and things you may tell your grandchildren proudly.

You maybe rejected but you will learn alot. This is the part of the process. This makes you more stronger. Today, you might be rejected by two people but tomorrow, you gonna win.

I remember my days when try our ass hard to approach girls but everything goes invain. I literally wept many times. Man, you see a girls that you think is perfect but when you, despite reading hundreds of books and watching girls dating courses you end up with frustration.

Why you are not able to approaching girls in public?

The problem is the question your mind put forward when you see a beautiful girl and want to approach her. There is a very famous truck for…