How To Ensure That Your Videos Get Views Without Relying On YouTube Algorithm?

The power of writing and SEO.

Aamir Kamal 🚀
2 min readOct 3, 2021


I love search engine optimization. It is so powerful. It could do wounder for you. I have a YouTube channel that I have made for uploading content that could help me getting organic views. There are two types of SEO; Google SEO and Video SEO.

We talked a lot about Google SEO and Video SEO in our previous articles.

When you are a beginner video creator, it is very hard to get views but with the right SEO and with little hard work, you can get more viewership even if you are completely new to the platform. So, if someone told you that “it is too late to join YouTube as a creator” show them this article.

Step#1: Find the keyword:

A keyword that has more search volume on Google might have more search volume on YouTube. The best thing about YouTube is it also acts like a platform that suggests your videos to people who might didn’t searched for them. This is the icing on a cake.

For any SEO, the keyword is the starting point. You now know about the topic so go for step#2.

Step#2: Make a great video:

A great video that explains the topic well and discusses everything a perspective user could find beneficial. You have to build that suspense so the user stays till the end of the video.

An ideal video length could be 5 to 8 minutes and you could make it longer. Longer videos have many benefits including good for SEO, you can get more watch time, add more ads, and have a good chance of getting recommended.

Step#3: Optimizing your video:

Optimize your YouTube videos by using your keywords in the title, add a nice description, relevant links that could support your video topic, adding attractive thumbnails, tags, and adding more of your published videos in the end elements.

Step#4: Write an article about the video and share an answer about it on Quora:

We talked about the keyword. A keyword is something that you must know about before writing your first word. Now as you have a keyword, you can write a short 500-word answer on Quora and a Medium article and embed your video there.

I know this is hard work but I think this is good for someone who is looking to build a huge list of videos that consistently generate steady traffic and make you more money.

The best thing about Quora is that its posts (Questions) are already ranked on Google and just a nice answer could help you get viewership for life. Medium has a great SEO and a nice under 800 words article could really help you get ranked on Google.

I hope this helps.



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