How Using The Pareto Principle Made Me More Productive?

It is just about time that you could be more productive by learning about this principle.

Aamir Kamal 🚀
2 min readDec 5, 2020


Productivity is always a pain in the ass. If you asked someone in silicon valley about their biggest problem right now, the answer would be “Productivity” and dealing with “Procrastination” you might know about these topics more if you ever search for anything related to productivity.

What is the Pareto principle? explain to me like I am 5-years old? Pareto principle is a principle which states that 80% of the output is because of 20% of the Input.

Some examples included;

  • 80% of your earnings are from 20% of the sources.
  • 80% of your problems are because of 20% of the sources.
  • 80% of your time is wasted in 20% of the places or platforms.
  • And so on…

While writing on my blog I discovered that 80% of my traffic is because 20% of the articles. I leave the other 80% of articles and start updating my 20% of the articles. Doing so increased my blog traffic to over 200% and this helped me make more money.

You could use the Pareto principle in every wake of life, one simple guide is to use it in increasing your productivity.

You can do more work in less time if you find out those 20% of places or events where you waste 80% of your time.

The first thing you have to do is to define, “What is productivity is for you?” If you define a productive day as; “Spending time to create more content” then you should typing right now instead of scrolling social media platforms. Sometimes while writing online, I have the opportunity to open any social media platform to check the latest notifications. So, the first thing is to find those platforms or events where are the biggest time wasters for you.

Then, try to eliminate the sources where you spend 80% of the time, now you will be more productive.



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