Is Vocal+ Subscription Worth It?

Getting a Vocal+ membership reviewed. My two months of experience being in the Vocal+

Aamir Kamal ๐Ÿš€
3 min readNov 12, 2020

Vocal Media is a site that pays creators based on the number of reads you get. In this guide we will discuss; Is Vocal Media membership worth it? I have bought Vocal+ membership two months ago and I will share my experience being writing on Vocal media as a Vocal+ subscriber.

What is Vocal+ membership?

Vocal+ membership is a program from Vocal Media that lets creators get more benefits financially through writing on Vocal. Vocal+ membership costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

There are some people who think that you can read articles on Vocal only if you have Vocal membership which is completely wrong. Vocal+ subscription is for Vocal creator not for readers.

Vocal media is owned by Jerrick Media, which is a public limited company.

The business model of Vocal Media revolves around Vocal+ membership.

A comparison between a normal creator and a Vocal+ member on Vocal Media

You donโ€™t need to be in Vocal+ membership to make money writing on Vocal. You will just make less amount of money. Here is a comparison.