Make Money On Dscout: An App Where You Have To Share Your Opinions

Sharing your opinions, and you can make big bucks.

Aamir Kamal 🚀
3 min readJun 3, 2021


My Dscout profile that shows I made over $480 in the last few months.
My Dscout profile that shows I made over $480 in the last few months.

Think about this app as a case study app for sharing your opinions about products or what will happen in manufacturing after the Covid?. This app is for you. Last month, I made over $300 by just conducting two studies, and all this takes less than 4 hours for me.

Dscout isn’t like any other app where you have to go through a complex process and get paid less, while on Dscout, you are getting paid $25 to $250 for a single study.

Fortune 500 companies conduct studies on Dscout. I was part of two such studies where Fortune 100 companies wanted to know my opinion. One was about my content creation method. The second was my opinion about what will happen after the Covid-19 when the world is every day.

The №1 requirement for you to make more money from Dscout is to belong to a specific region, mainly from Tier-1 countries like The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Dscout is a free, easy, and very credible platform.

How can you earn money from Dscout?

Earning money from dscout is easy. The process looks like this;

  1. You can install Dscout apps on your phone.
  2. You enter all the information like the job you do, the region you are living and your email address.
  3. After that, you start applying for studies that are relevant to you. For example, I mainly apply to studies related to my field of research and my writing and content creation or the use of social media.
  4. An application for the study requires a specific type of skills, or a job description or might have different variables and at the end of the application — if you reached that point, they will ask you to submit a video explaining a question, and that is mostly the end of your application.
  5. If selected, they invite you through the app. You can complete the mission by completing all the parts.
  6. They will pay through Paypal after you complete the study.
  7. The process is straightforward, and with time, as you try to understand the system more, you get…



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