My First Niche Blog Monetize With Ads And Made $1/Day

Building a niche blog empire.

Aamir Kamal 🚀


$1 per day isn’t a big amount,, but this indicates that I am doing something right.

Words are powerful. In this modern age, words with information translate to more money. Isaac Asimov is my favorite writer who, in an interview, once said, ‘I wake up and start writing, and this is pretty much everything I do every day. He ended up writing some amazing sci-fi novels like The Foundation series and the Age of Robotics.

I started writing on Medium two and a half years ago and started writing about blogging, writing on Medium, and other similar topics. Still, now, I am shifting toward writing about Niche blogging. Yes, everything that is related to building a niche blogging empire.

For those who don’t know, what is niche blogging? It is a blog that publishes content about a very specific or particular topic. If you are writing about Fruits, it isn’t a niche, but if you are just writing about Apples or Mangoes, it is a niche.

How much money you can make in Niche blogging?

$100K a month is something that is very much possible. There are some Twitter users who are making this much money writing about different niches.

But, it isn’t a one-time stand where you can make money just as you start your blog. It takes time, and you need to work hard and learn multiple skills like learning to format your blog post and writing high-quality content, then make sure your blog post has proper SEO. You also need to learn marketing and off-page SEO.

My Search console report:

My Google search engine
My First blog was monetized with ads. Search Engine Console report

The opportunities in the niche blogging business:

Google made over 42 Billion dollars last year through their search engine advertising (except YouTube earnings); Google takes 45% of your earnings, so it is a 50 Billion dollars market (if you just think of Google ad business)

The advertising market is a 500 Billion Dollar a year business, and there is no…