My GPA Goes Down Because Of Starting a side hustle During College

I compromised everything for the side hustle. My Life from a Polio worker to a Blogger.

Aamir Kamal 🚀
3 min readApr 12, 2020

When I get into engineering, I had nothing, I borrow a Laptop from my brother and the university provided me the Internet. My father gives me $7 for a week which wasn’t enough for me. The Internet and the laptop was the only resource I have.

As Mark Cuban once said;

All you need is a laptop or a PC and an Internet connection and you can pretty much do almost anything and create almost any type of company.

I was making money for the first time

I was a poor guy that has to manage everything, applied for jobs but didn’t selected for anyone. I did some digging online for finding any way to make money. YouTube was the very first thing I was interested but poverty hit me hard, I had no phone to record videos. Many of my friends have a good smartphone and that was the Light at the end of the tunnel.

After some time I was making money from YouTube and YouTube money supported me to buy a domain and…