OMG, I was ramdomly reading your story and find my story link at the bottom of your story. Thank you so much. I am just in the 7th sky.

I like your stories but there is something i will definitely not agree with on that you have stated in your article.

1. Medium changed the system to make it more useful for every writers. I know writers who write poetry get affected but very low percentage of writers publish poetry. Another disadvantage is that "I can clap for your story without even reading it and Medium will have to pay you for that. In my view, the new system is more effective. Also, some Erotica writers get an increase in their earning because everybody read Erotica but very few hit the clap.

I hope you will be back and share stories that make worth this platform worthwhile.


Aamir Kamal.



Writer and entrepreneur πŸ“§:

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