One Year Ago, I Was Living a Dreamless and Ill-Ambitious Life With No Hope

Aamir Kamal 🚀
3 min readApr 22, 2021

I was living in a hostel in a third-world country. It was a private hostel where I wake up with the smell of hash from my neighbor's room. The water motor stats at 5:30 AM and it was just near my room. The sound makes me mad and want to leave this place as soon as possible. But, I couldn’t do that. I go to eat something in a place that isn’t hygienically unhealthy. I was in this loop that I couldn’t break.

But, I was still creating content. I listen to people who are quite successful on the Internet. They say; “create more than you consume on the Internet and it will reward you” In these situations, somehow I find happiness. The happiness to bear the circumstances and wait for the right opportunity. The opportunity that I wasn’t sure about. I was a graduate and struggling to get a job. I am still jobless.

In this whole situation, I was procrastinating to find the right location.

Then, Covid-19 getting ground somewhere in March 2020 and I shifted to live with my parents.

It was a life-changing thing. Turn out, It was a good decision.

The Environment surrounding me while living in a hostel:

The environment around you highly impacted you. Your day being productive or not solely depend upon the fact; how you have slept and people, things around you while you are awake. If people around you are sleeping, you are feeling the argue to sleep, the same thing is true for everything. If people around you wasting their time, you surely follow the trend. This isn’t your mistake but this is what our mind is trained and if we choose to reject this behavior, we could do that but only if you relocate to somewhere.

During my college (university) days, my roommate was the most productive and positive person. We work really hard for our college exams and along the way we play sports and it was a really good time. I topped the class that two semesters. In the next semester, we relocated and the cycles of unproductivity and going into bad habits started again.

Now, it is going well. I am planning to study in Germany for Masters's in Data Science. Learning German and studying things that could help me. The good thing about being in an open environment is that at least you have a purpose to strive for.

I started the business of content creation on the Internet very early. Of all the thing that impacted, I am glad and thankful for everyone who supports me along the way.

Life could be hopeless for you sometimes. You could feel unmotivated sometimes or in some time period, but with every bad time, there comes a good time.

Stay hungry.