Substack Writing: How To Make Money Writing On Substack

An article that goes through the whole process of starting writing on Substack and how you could make money through writing on Substack.

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How can you make money writing on Substack and get more paid newsletter subscribers
How to make money from Substack Writing / Source: Menlo Blogging

Did you ever question that there will be a platform that will combine email marketing with writing? if yes then Substack is the answer to this question. Substack helps writers by giving them a platform where they could share their knowledge and then give the readers an option to subscribe to the email so that next time when the same author publishes a new article, Substack will automatically send an email to the subscribers.

Like WordPress, Medium, and Ghost, Substack is another content-management platform (CMS) where you could write content and publish it. This is what makes Substack a good platform. There are some pros and cons of Substack, but there are a lot of writers who are actually making a good amount of money from writing on Substack. How could you make money writing on Substack? we will discuss that too in this article.

Every company on the face of the earth uses a different monetization model, one example is a blog that could be monetized through running PPC Ad-network ads, affiliate marketing, or selling your own stuff. Medium uses a subscription-based revenue…