These Two Laws Could Make You Productive As Hell

Use the power of these two laws to bring happiness and productivity to your life.

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In this technological world, productivity is the main topic in the table of discussion. In Silicon Valley, if you ask anyone about the topic of their interest, it will be related to “Productivity”

As a writer and a Blogger, writing everything is hard and sometimes I have to procrastinate to do with the job. You might hear this many times;

  • I have an essay to write in 7 days and I procrastinated for 6 days while did it in the last 8-hours.
  • I am planning to write an article every day but end up with 15 instead.
  • I have an exam this week and I prepare for this exam in the last 3 hours.

“Productivity” and “Procrastination” are the two words that are used interchangeably.

I use these two principles that helping me more productive in my writing as well as in any task that I have been assigned.

Rule#1: Using the Pareto principle:

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The Pareto principle states that “80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes”

According to this principle;

  • 80% of your problems are because of 20% of the events.
  • 80% of your earnings are from 20% of the sources.
  • 80% of the time you waste is because of 20% of sources.

You just have to recognize that 20% of sources that is the bottleneck in your procrastination. Using this principle, you could live a very happy, productive life.

Rule#2: Using Parkinson’s law:

Parkinson’s law states that;

“work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

This means that the far the deadline, the more you waste time or procrastinate in that task. If you give yourself a deadline to do something in the next few hours you might end up doing it in less time compared to giving yourself a week to do a similar task.

You can use Parkinson’s law to your advantage to keep yourself a shorter, more realistic deadlines.

Most of the time we start working on a task and then we end up on Facebook scrolling limitless videos. A more realistic and short deadline could help us minimize the task completion time.

These two rules could help you achieve more in less time, can find more time to spend quality time with your family or anyone you care about and could achieve your financial and personal goals.

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