What is Fansmetrics & How Can you Promote Yourself as An Onlyfans Creator?

A Fansmetrics review. Is the platform worth it to promote your OnlyFans page?

Aamir Kamal 🚀
4 min readOct 27, 2022
What is Fansmetrics and how you can promote your OnlyFans page on Fansmetrics
What is Fansmetrics? How to promote your OnlyFans page on Fansmetrics? Photo by path digital on Unsplash

Fansmetrics is a modern platform for creators to get discover, or fans can discover their favorite creators based on different categories, find their favorite creators based on location, and find creators who are free to subscribe.

The big problem with OnlyFans is it is hard to get discovered or find your profile, but on Fansmetrics, it is easy, and you can get discovered by thousands of fans.

FansMetrics is a service that allows creators to promote their profiles to 60,000 potential fans daily. This feature helps you boost your chances of discovery by ninety percent. However, you need to be careful as there are more than 2 million creators on Onlyfans. This is why good content and profile pictures are crucial.

Fansmetrics provides a search engine where users can search for their favorite content creators by keyword and category. Most models on Onlyfans charge for explicit content, but many artists offer free trials and promotions. This way, you can avoid paying for something you don’t want.

How to Promote Yourself on Fansmetrics As an Onlyfans Creator

Promoting yourself on Fansmetrics is a great way to get your content discovered by thousands of potential fans. The site advertises your profile to 60,000 fans a day, and you get to highlight your header picture and bio.

That boosts your chances of discovery by ninety percent. However, to make your account stand out, you must have a good profile picture and bio. You should also create interesting content for your fans to engage with.

The most important thing to remember when starting with Fansmetrics is to stay calm. Don’t give up on your goal. Just stick to your strategy, and you’ll soon see results. You can even promote your account on other social media platforms as well.

A unique search engine on Fansmetrics allows you to search for models from anywhere in the world. You can also search for specific categories or keywords. Although most Onlyfans models charge for their explicit content, many artists provide free trials or promotions for their OnlyFans pages.

Creating high-quality content and promoting it on various platforms is the key to creating a successful campaign on Onlyfans. You’ll need to know your content's target audience and niche and ensure you’re marketing correctly. You can reach thousands of fans and make a profit by leveraging social media.

How to promote your OnlyFans page on Fansmetrics?

You can promote your OnlyFans page on Fansmetrics in a very easy process. Here is a step-by-step process:

  • Go to Fansmetrics here.
  • Click on “Promote”
  • Then, you will be directed to a page where you have to enter your email and your OnlyFans page link.
  • Click on “Start promoting,” and then you will be redirected to the pricing page, where you can select what package you want.
  • Boom! after paying for the relevant package, you will start seeing traffic as well as subscribers on your page.

Is Fansmetris worth it?

Fansmetrics is a legit website where hundreds of creators promoted their OnlyFans pages and got good, high-paying PPV results.

The question is; how does Fansmetrics get good traffic from fans? They did good research about what Fans are searching on Google and other search engines and then getting ranked for those keywords to bring more audience to their platform. They have over 60,000 fans per day traffic, and in every article or link, they display profiles of creators like you who promote their content on Fansmetrics.

Other Ways to Get More Fans on OnlyFans:

One of the best ways to promote yourself as an Onlyfans creator is to share relevant content on social media. You can post comments on popular Onlyfans Instagram accounts or videos. However, it would be best if you were careful not to spam the posts.

Instead, try to post your link thoughtfully. Spamming won’t get you any followers on Onlyfans. Also, try to comment early on popular accounts and viral tweets. You’ll want to be aware of the rules and guidelines of each forum before participating.

There are other ways to promote your OnlyFans page, and if you are very new to the platform, it is better to focus on bringing some of your fans from other platforms before advertising or promoting your page on Fansmetrics.

Following are some of the ways to promote your OnlyFans page:

  • Using Reddit and Twitter to promote your page. Twitter and Reddit are very sex-friendly platforms, and you can use them to upload short content and start getting more fans. Twitter is especially an amazing platform where you can get high tippers and people who might be interested in buying your PPVs.
  • Creating special content for TikTok and YouTube: You can create special content for TikTok and YouTube and mention your Linktree or any other Linktree alternative in your Bio of your TikTok page and the description of your YouTube videos.
  • Collaboration with other creators: If you are looking to grow your OnlyFans page, collaborating with someone with a good number of fans could help you reach a new audience, and you can grow your page without making any effort outside of creating content with that creator.
  • Giving Free Trials to everyone: You can give free trials to everyone who follows you on social media or have an option on your page to give a free 7-day trial to your visitors. This is one of the best strategies to gain more subscribers on your page.

If you are making good money on OnlyFans, using platforms like Fansmetrics could help you get a lot of fans, and you can get a good exposure. Still, if you are someone who just started on OnlyFans, you first need to upload more content and promote your content on different platforms.

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