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Engineer, writer, and my story of struggle.

Aamir Kamal (The Author)

I am an Engineer and a Blogger. I started writing from my blog back in 2017, it was a free BlogSpot blog, I did this because I don’t have any money to support buy a domain and hosting. As I enter college, I got this opportunity to get free Internet access and a Laptop.

YouTube was the platform where I learn about things. I have this producer mindset from the very beginning. If you want to be successful on the Internet, you have to produce. There are two types of people on the Internet; the producer and the consumer. …

#23: There is no concept of SEO guru.

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When they say “writing is a powerful tool,” they are right. It isn’t just writing for the people on a specific platform, but you can write for some specific goals in mind. For example, some people write to express themselves, but others write to reach more people and make more money.

Learning SEO is one such thing that you should learn.

A blog owner or a person who is curious to know about SEO, these tips will help you a lot.

1. Internal linking

Internal linking is when you mentioned the link of one of the stories you published on your blog to…

Some ways to make money from your blog or through your writings.

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If you want to make money through your blog, there are some cliché ways to make money through your blog like; running ads, doing affiliate marketing, or running your blog as a newsletter. But, you can question these earning sources as a stable income and implement a blog monetization strategy that is paying you more.

When I started my blog, the only way I could think of is through running ads, I don’t have the resources to make a sound decision about changing my strategy of making money. Remember, every single view matters.

You can do much better and find a lot of things with a $7 trial of Ahref.

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Ahrefs is very expensive, at least for me. But, they give you a trial of $7 for 7 days. Getting seven days to get access to the world's best SEO tool, how can you make the most out of it? Ahref is probably the most expensive and one of the best SEO tools out there. They have everything any blogger needs to be successful on the Internet.

But, the product is a bit expensive if you go for a monthly based subscription. The Ahrefs lite subscription starts at $99 a month. This is huge for any blogger who isn’t making…

Pros and cons of creating a newsletter on Letterdrop Vs. Substack

Substack Vs Letterdrop: A Comparison between the two writing and newsletter creating platforms
Substack Vs Letterdrop: A Comparison between the two writing and newsletter creating platforms
Substack Vs. Letterdrop: A Comparison between the two writing and newsletter creating platforms. / Picture created by the author on Canva

A newsletter is a new hot word in the town. Everyone wants to make a newsletter, and email subscribers are treated as gold now. Now, there are tons of platforms where you could create a newsletter; Substack, letterdrop, Ghost, Bulletin, Revue, Medium, and more to come. Facebook just recently launched their own newsletter creating platform called Bulletin.

Every platform is new and provides a different writing experience. Still, one common thing between all these platforms is that they allow you to introduce a subscription-based business opportunity. This is what a media business is. You produce the best content, and your…

The ideal comparison between Ghost Vs. Letterdrop. The Two platforms are competing for the same user.

I first heard about Ghost, and after one week, I have a blog hosted on Ghost. I wasn’t planning to focus on building a paying readership or a subscription business, but I find their company quite innovative. So I give it a try. Ghost at that time provides us with the ability to have unlimited email subscribers, more like what Substack give to its creators. I have in-detailed Ghost Vs. Substack in an article on Medium.

Letterdrop is more like Ghost. I find the business model and the services they provide very alike. …

A new alternative for writers who want to monetize their newsletter through getting paid subscribers. review / Picture created by the author on Canva

When everybody talks about the newsletter and subscription-based business models, everyday new writing and newsletter hosting platform, that offer better features, introducing on the Internet. When I first discovered Ghost, which I have reviewed here: Ghost Blogging platform review, I never thought there would be a better platform than it to host my content, but now I do.

I might write a comparison between Vs. Ghost complete review but now let understand what and some of the fantastic features are.

The Two tiers subscription of

Letterdrop is free to join and use, but it has some limitations for the number of subscribers. It…

I am going to share everything in this publication.

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I am building a niche site by investing some money into this business. This business is lucrative and could be a potential passive income. The information is the new gold. The more you have, the more money you will make. Building a niche site require you some knowledge like;

  • The Understanding of finding a right niche where there is less competition and more people are looking for those topics.
  • Your Interest in that topic and the thrust to learn more about the subject.
  • Writing yourself about the topic could make your niche blogging more profitable.

A Blog takes time to make you money:

A blog would take you…

Want to start a blog for free; create a Google site and monetize it in many ways.

Photo by sgcdesignco on Unsplash

A lot of people have struggled with the thought of creating more content. You might have heard about Google docs. You can edit the document or write online through Google docs and publish them on your Google site. The good thing about writing on a Google site is that you get the authority juice of the Google domain, which could help you rank on the Google search engine and get more traffic.

Writing is a powerful way of communicating ideas with your prospective readers. …

Build land on the Internet that generates more fruits for you.

Photo by Striving Blogger on Unsplash

One of the mistakes I made while starting my blog is uploading content about every possible topic I know about. This was indeed a big mistake, and it costs me many things, but at the end of the day, I learned some valuable lessons. The other niche blogs that I started making me good money.

I still have good ideas for starting more niche sites, but time is a limited resource, and management is a big issue. In this article, you will learn everything you should learn to start a niche blog.

What is a Niche blog?

A niche is a term that means ‘a…

Aamir Kamal 🚀🚀🚀

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